Competition information

Entry Guidance:

There is no standard format for the entries but we have put together some guidance to help pupils get started:

  1. Research gender stereotypes. What are they? Where can you find examples of them? Remember to record these examples; you could take photos, make collages of printed adverts, or list the books and places you see gender stereotypes. Try to use lots of different sources. Make sure that even if you don’t use all these examples in your final response you include them in an additional list/document for us to see.
  2. Think about the examples you see. How do the examples make you feel? Do you think they affect your expectations of what is expected of girls/boys/men/women?
  3. Plan your response. What are you trying to say? Identify the key message you want to get across and the best way of doing this.
  4. Making your poster/letter/ story/ product etc. Decide how you are going to put it together and who is going to do what jobs. Are you going to use a software package like PowerPoint or make it by hand? Submissions must be electronic, so plan to scan or photograph anything hand drawn.
  5. Review your submission. Before you send in your response, you should make sure that the text is clear and easy to read and that any images and diagrams used are suitable and copyright free.

We are looking for interesting, thoughtful and creative submissions with lots of examples of where you have seen gender stereotyping. Make sure you explain why you have chosen the approach you chose. Use your imagination and be creative!


The deadline for entries is 31st May 2017. Judging will be in June 2017 with prize giving in the summer term 2017.


The winning teams will win individual prizes for the pupils and a trophy for the school.

Submitting an entry: 

The competition is open and entries can now be submitted by the class teacher or club leader. Only electronic submissions are accepted. Suitable file types include JPEG (if a photograph of a poster is being submitted), PDF, Word or PowerPoint.

Please ensure you have filled out all the information fields and have received an email confirming your submission, otherwise we may not a confirmation email otherwise we may not get to see your entry.

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