Information for Teachers

Potential discussion prompts

What are gender stereotypes?

Do you think that gender stereotypes are harmful?

Why don’t parents buy boys pink clothes?

Imagine a world without gender stereotypes, what would it be like?

What could be done to solve the problem and make things fair for everyone?

Background reading and research

There is a wealth of reading and resources available to help pupils start their entries.

  • Let toys be toys campaign to reduce gender stereotyping in toy marketing and have expanded to include Let Books be Books and Let Clothes be Clothes. Their website includes lots of helpful activities, lesson plans and examples to start the pupils off.
  • Zero Tolerance has some teacher guides to stereotyping in early years, which could be used for ideas to prompt discussion.
  • National Union of Teachers ran a project called Breaking the Mould, looking at gender stereotyping in primary schools and have created three useful guides on the matter. The first “Stereotypes stop you doing stuff” summarises the project and the activities, “Boys’ things and Girls’ things” describes activities with pupils and practical interventions in schools and “It’s Child’s Play” provides a number of counter-stereotyped reading material and potential discussion exercises to use with the pupils.
  • UN Women ran a competition to get comic and cartoon artists to picture their understanding of women’s rights and gender equality. Some of the submissions can be seen here.

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