What happens after my training?

Before you can teach in Scotland you need to be registered with the General Teaching Council for Scotland (GTCS). You also need to undertake a period of probation before you can become a fully qualified teacher.


You will be provisionally registered with the GTCS upon successful completion of your training course. This will enable you to undertake a period of probation during which you will normally attain the Standard for Full Registration (SFR).

Your probationary experience can take one of two forms: the Teacher Induction Scheme or the Flexible Route.

Teacher Induction Scheme (TIS)

The Teacher Induction Scheme is designed so that probationer teachers can attain the SFR within one school year (190 teaching days). As a newly-qualified teacher who has graduated from a Scottish university and has been assessed as a home student for fees, you will be guaranteed a teaching post with a Scottish local authority for a full school year, known as the Induction Year. 

The TIS offers a number of benefits, including:

  • A maximum class contact time of 0.8 full time equivalent (18 hours per week)
  • Dedicated time set aside for professional development
  • An experienced teacher as mentor for support throughout the induction year

The scheme allows you to choose five Scottish local authorities where you would be willing to undertake your probationary service year or to waive these preferences and be sent to train anywhere in Scotland for a reimbursement of £8,000.

Flexible Route
The Flexible Route is a way to complete probationary service for teachers who:

  • Have decided to opt out of or who are ineligible for the TIS
  • Can’t commit to a full-time post
  • Want to complete their probationary period somewhere other than a Scottish state school 
  • Are registered in more than one subject and looking to gain full registration in their second subject

Ways to complete your probationary period through the Flexible Route include:

The length of service that you will need to complete is dependent on your circumstances.

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