I am thinking of becoming a teacher

Physics teaching is one of the most challenging and fulfilling careers you could consider. As a specialist physics teachers you will play a pivotal role in educating the next generation of physicists and engineers.

Why teach?

Teaching physics allows you to use your physics knowledge every day. You will make the most of the skills you have acquired from your degree and will leave the workplace at the end of the day feeling satisfied that you are playing an inspirational role in young peoples’ lives.
No single day in the classroom is the same. You will be required to think on your feet and use your creativity to address new challenges and answer unique questions.
Although you will need to be resilient and patient, and have excellent communication skills, you will be supported throughout your training as you discover what it takes to become an inspirational teacher.


As a qualified teacher, your starting salary in Scotland will be approximately £22,416. Salaries increase each year, giving you the potential to earn £35,763 as a classroom teacher. If you become a head teacher you can expect to earn up to £86,319.

On top of the financial benefits, your career options remain very varied. As a physics teacher, you can gain seniority within the classroom or in a leadership role, depending on your interests and aptitudes. You could move up to gain responsibility for the physics department, focus on special needs or pastoral care, or become a deputy head teacher.

There are also opportunities beyond the classroom such as coaching a football team or running an astronomy club.

To find out more, use the links on the left for information about training routes, funding options and what happens after you complete teacher training.
You can also download a PDF version of our guide to teacher training.

If you have any further questions please email gordon.doig@iop.org.

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