The Institute of Physics in Scotland manifesto for the Scottish election 2011

31 January 2011

Physics has proved an outstanding investment for the economy and society at large - and it has the potential to continue delivering more.

Physics-based innovation is part of the solution to many of the big issues of our time, particularly economic renewal and sustainability in energy.



Scotland’s physics base:

  • contributes £8bn annually to the economy
  • provides 102,000 jobs, which are well paid and high in productivity
  • generates 9% of Scotland’s total gross value added (GVA)

The next government of Scotland must ensure that investment in research is not stifled by cuts, that physics education at all levels is made a priority, and that the best conditions are created for physics-based businesses to thrive.

You can help us get physics on the election agenda by requesting our manifesto post cards from us and then sending them on to prospective parliamentary candidates in your constituency.

Email your postal address for a handful of our manifesto post cards.

Either wait to hand the manifesto postcard to a door-knocking campaigner or find your prospective parliamentary candidates' addresses.

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