Award goes to highly regarded figure in Scottish school physics

23 June 2011

Jim Jamieson, who works for the Scottish Schools Equipment and Research Centre (SSERC), was presented with the IOP Branches award at the Stirling Physics Teachers’ Meeting in front of 180 of his appreciative colleagues.

Jim Jamieson

The award was presented by the Chair of IOP Scotland, Professor Andrew Long, and was in recognition of Jim’s long standing contributions to the physics community in Scotland.

Jim (pictured) is known by most of the physics teachers in Scotland. “One of the most highly regarded figures in Scottish school physics” and “he has supported physics teachers and science technicians in ways which are almost immeasurable” are two of the quotes from testimonials singing his praises. He taught physics for eight years before joining SSERC in April 1982. Since that time, he has supported practical work in school physics in a huge variety of ways.

He has developed experimental work for all major initiatives, examples being Standard Grade and Higher Still. He also helped develop the schools chip and was at the forefront of experimentation with computer sensing and control. Jim has always been highly valued as a source of health and safety advice and played a major role in recent years as Radiological Protection Adviser for all Scottish Schools.

The Institute of Physics Branches Prize was established in 2001 in recognition of the voluntary contributions made by members to the work of the branches. Such work is undertaken in their own time and is rarely regarded as part of their career development.

The prize will be given each year to one or more branch members who have made exceptional contributions to the activities within a branch to enhance the promotion of physics. Nominations are made through the chair of the appropriate branch. The prize is a certificate and a paperweight.

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