Mr Bloom's Roadshow

16 July 2013

On 29th and 30th of June the BBC presented the Scottish element of Mr Bloom's Roadshow in Callendar Park.

Representatives from IOP Scotland presented a Cycle Smoothie themed numeracy experience targeted at the 3 to 6 year old audience component. 

The young audience were involved in following a recipe and guiding the presenter in the preparation of the smoothie ingredient by ingredient. Of course, wherever possible, the presenter maximised enjoyment by extracting maximum involvement from the participants while emphasising the numeracy aspects of 500ml of fruit juice, 2 bananas and 2 scoops of frozen berries. 

The Smoothie Cycle was the second element of the experience where either an adult or a number of children would cycle the "lumpy" into a smoothie and provide the opportunity for the presenter to discuss the number of revolutions of the various components and the approximate energy used by the cycle power source, about one third of a Smartie! Cyclists were invited to cycle until counted out by the audience.

The third and final element of the experience involved guessing the number of servings which could be poured, then proving the result again by inviting the audience to count out the cups poured. 

Finally the experience culminated in the audience and smoothie cyclists sampling the freshly made biologically smoothed product.

On prominent show were Science Connects and IOP Scotland popup posters and IOP Scotland and IOP Physics in the Field flags which added to the visual presentation and together with some IOP handouts provided an opportunity to discuss these organisations with interested adults.

The Marvin and Milo cards generated particular kitchen science interest with adults when they were made aware of the IOP website as a source of further experiments as summer holiday entertainment.

The presenters, Lea Armstrong, Glasgow University Student, Charlotte Govan, Operations Coordinator, Lab In A Lorry (Scotland) and Ken Mollison, Retired Engineer and IOPS Committee Member, all STEM Ambassadors believe that this outreach event addressed the BBC numeracy topic while raising the profile of both IOPS and Science Connects with the public at large and with educationalists in particular. A smooth blending of Science, Education and Communication.

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