Competition to celebrate Higgs Nobel

10 October 2013

The Institute of Physics (IOP) in Scotland has launched a new competition asking students to explain in their own words what a Higgs Boson is and what its uses might be, based on their research of Professor Peter Higgs theories, the Higgs boson, CERN and the Large Hadron Collider, to help commemorate the Nobel Prize granted on Tuesday 8 October 2013 to Professor Peter Higgs.

Professor Higgs – an Honorary Fellow of the IOP and Emeritus Professor at the University of Edinburgh – received the 2013 Nobel Prize for Physics with Professor Francois Englert for their 1960s work on the theory of the Higgs boson.

In recognition of Professor Higgs’ success, groups of P6 to S4 Scottish pupils are invited to enter a new competition to win 3D crystal ATLAS detector souvenirs from CERN depicting a boson event and a certificate signed by Professor Higgs himself.

Mrs Avril Manners, Chair of IOP Scotland, said, "This is the first of a biennial series of competitions.  Each will celebrate a different aspect of the exciting future of physics. This competition is designed to spark interest in the subject, and encourage research and free thinking.”

The competition is varied for the different year groups invited to take part only in anticipated depth of understanding, length of entry and width of imagination.  Critically the pupils are encouraged to participate in presentation and peer reviews as the competition has been designed wherever possible to coordinate with Curriculum for Excellence.

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