IOP Scotland at Fountainbridge Canal Festival

6 August 2014

Launch a rocket, skewer a balloon and hunt out 'bad' bacteria in water at the Fountainbridge Canal Festival.

Fountainbridge Canal Festival

IOP Scotland sponsored physics activities at the Fountainbridge Canal Festival on 21 June in Edinburgh. This annual festival attracted thousands of local families and other local residents to celebrate the canal and activities associated with the Grove Community Garden area.

Heriot Watt University and IOP Scotland provided a science stand where over 500 participants learnt about physics through interactive events suitable for all ages. These included skewering balloons, pushing straws through potatoes, launching mini rockets and water-based activities such as a Cartesian diver and a tornado tube (all based on the IOP’s Marvin and Milo activities).

Additionally, participants could hunt out bad bacteria in water using scaled-up models of the processes currently used by water companies and those under research at Heriot-Watt University.

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