Launch of Bright Minds report

21 November 2014

Physics knowledge and expertise are essential to the success of Scotland: physics graduates are employed in high-value industries and the businesses that depend on physics research and technology have an impact across the Scottish economy.

Bright Minds

The Institute of Physics in Scotland has launched a report, Physics in Scotland: the brightest minds go further, which showcases the breadth of careers open to those who study physics. The IOP in Scotland surveyed more than 1100 physics graduates from Scottish universities and made some fascinating findings.

The main results showed that physicists ended up in a huge variety of careers and earn more than most graduates. Physics graduates are employed in sectors ranging from banking to journalism and from healthcare to heavy industry, earning salaries significantly above the national average, and bring their unique sets of skills to bear on problems as diverse as they are challenging.

The report also highlights areas where attention is needed: despite recent increases, there has been a long-term decline in the number of people studying physics at Higher level. There is also significant under-representation of women in physics, both in the number of graduates and also in senior positions in businesses that depend on physics.

Read the full report.

For further information or hard copies please contact:
Alison McLure
National Officer (Scotland)
Institute of Physics
22-26 George Street
0791 785 5940

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