The Incredible Power of Light exhibition opens at the Scottish Parliament

7 April 2015

The Incredible Power of Light exhibition will be on display at the Scottish Parliament between Wednesday 1 and Thursday 30 April 2015 as part of the International Year of Light.


This exhibition is part of the Edinburgh International Science Festival and is presented in partnership with the Science and Technology Facilities Council.

Speaking at the Incredible Power of Light preview event last night at Holyrood, Alison McLure, National Officer for the Institute of Physics in Scotland, said: “There is a lot planned in Scotland this year to help mark the International Year of Light but this exhibition is an important highlight. We want to see lots of visitors experiencing the power of light via this hands-on exhibition.  We’re delighted that the exhibition is being hosted here in Parliament, reaching out to the general public and policymakers.  The Easter holiday presents a great opportunity to pop over and see some exciting light-based physics in action.

A replica of the Vulcan, a laser 10,000 times more powerful than the National Grid, will form the centre-piece of the Incredible Power of Light exhibition. Alongside the laser will be animations, interactive exhibits, hardware and displays that will all tell the story of how lasers impact on our everyday lives.

For details of a series of special events, including a range of light-themed talks from leading scientists, browse

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