Glasgow’s M Squared Lasers Ltd scoops award

10 July 2015

Glasgow’s M Squared Lasers Ltd have picked up an Innovation Award from the Institute of Physics for their contribution to laser technology with the development of SolsTiS, a compact and fully automated laser toolkit offering unprecedented tuning range and unrivalled power.

M Squared

SolsTiS is a highly detailed instrument and helps scientists probe deeper into the secrets of science by providing the ultra-pure light needed in experiments with cold atoms. Before SolsTiS, light was not pure enough and lasers could not provide the ultra-narrow line-width, low-noise output required to probe complex quantum systems. Research in atomic clocks, teleportation demonstrations and antimatter experiments are some examples of where leading researchers around the world are using this breakthrough technology.

Founded in 2006, M Squared Lasers Ltd now has more than 150 customers globally, has reached over £14 m through sales and has created 50 full-time jobs in Scotland.

Frances Saunders, president of the IOP, said: “Innovations such as the SolsTiS laser kit by M Squared Lasers is a great example of how a business can use the latest advances in physics to satisfy academic and market demand. Many congratulations to the team in Glasgow for their success and making this breakthrough technology available to researchers around the world.”

Dr. Graeme Malcolm OBE, CEO and founder of M Squared Lasers, said: "By rethinking the underlying physics of the traditional laser and investing over 165 man-years into the development of a ‘best in class’ system, SolsTiS represents a complete step change in laser technology. We are delighted and honoured to receive an IOP Innovation Award today. This award is a huge mark of recognition not only of our efforts but of the positive difference we are making to the scientific community.”

The IOP Innovation Awards are a unique celebration of commercial success built on physics. For more information, go to and to find out more about the winner visit

M Squared Lasers Ltd will be showcasing their innovation at a parliamentary reception on 28 October and will also be attending an awards ceremony in London on 5 November.

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