Build a Cloud Chamber Workshop

29 July 2015

Twenty people joined a workshop to build a cloud chamber on 25 July. The workshop was held at the Highland Centre of Contemporary Art (HICA), 12 miles south of Inverness.

Build a Cloud Chamber

It was held in conjunction with “Wilson Chamber Images: The aesthetic of the sub-atomic”, which are digital images from early glass plate photographs by CTR Wilson FRS. CTR Wilson was the inventor of the cloud chamber and Scotland’s only Nobel laureate in Physics, winning the prize in 1927.

The participants enjoyed the beauty of cosmic ray tracks and saw elementary particles in cloud chambers which they built themselves. Alan Walker from the University of Edinburgh brought a Diffusion Cloud Chamber and gave a short talk on particle physics, CTR Wilson and PW Higgs.

A Lascells cloud chamber along with a Medipix / Timepix chip, which is available to schools in Highland region was also on view and was shown by Nick Forwood from Fortrose Academy.

The event was held in partnership with the Royal Meteorological Society. Thanks go to Geoff Lucas (HICA) and his family, who hosted the event. The cloud chamber kits were provided by the University of Glasgow Particle Physics group, in association with SSERC and the University of Edinburgh and can be borrowed from .

For further details on the exhibition, see

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