Physics in the Field at the Ballater Highland Games

2 September 2015

A Physics in the Field event was run on 13 August at the Ballater Highland Games.

Physics in the Field at the Ballater Highland Games

An engaging team of nine volunteers from the Physics Departments of Aberdeen and Heriot Watt Universities performed amazing physics tricks with materials that can be found at home. The main aim was to get the participants to have a go at the experiments and for them to try and guess the physical explanations.

The experience of the team covered all the spectrum of the academic career from undergraduate students, recent PhD graduates, postdocs and academic staff. In addition, it was a truly multilingual team able to speak in English, German, French, Dutch, Spanish, Catalan and a bit of Italian. This allowed the volunteers to engage in a very effective manner with visitors coming from all over the world. This was particularly useful to motivate children. All in all, it was an enjoyable event in which visitors from very diverse backgrounds and ages were able to appreciate the magic and beauty of physics as well as its closeness to everyday life.

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