Physicists in Scotland receive IOP awards

23 November 2015

Exciting developments in physics make this “an exhilarating time to be a physicist”, the IOP’s president, Professor Roy Sambles, said at the Institute’s annual Awards Dinner yesterday, but warned that future groundbreaking work depends on attracting fresh talent into physics.

Professor Iain Baikie
Roy Sambles and Iain Baikie

Sambles presented Innovation Awards to five such physics-based companies at the dinner, as well as presenting awards to physicists for research, education and outreach, to outstanding teachers of physics, and to individuals for service to the IOP. Four winners of International Bilateral Awards, who had received their awards on other occasions, were also recognised at the event.

Among the Scots in the awards list were M-Squared lasers, Innovation Award; Professor Iain Baikie, Swan Medal and prize; Andrew Ogilvie, Teacher of Physics award; Professor James Hough, Phillips Award. Catherine Wilson was awarded honorary fellowship of the IOP for her contributions to the field of physics education. Congratulations go to all of the award winners for their excellent contributions to physics.

The event in London included a performance to celebrate the International Year of Light.

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