International Year of Light closing ceremony in Scotland

7 December 2015

The International Year of Light came to a spectacular end in Scotland on 2 December. The closing ceremony celebrated the year with a range of activities open to school pupils and the general public.

Credit: Laura Thomas

There was a science exhibition which highlighted modern-day uses of light, such as using lasers to spot counterfeits, 3D bioprinting for animal-free drug testing and laser scanning microscopes. There were also hands-on exhibits which showed the amazing properties of light, including rainbows, creative cameras and the laser Halo Harp.

The day was rounded off by a light show which illuminated Heriot Watt Universities’ buildings and a talk by BBC science communicator and broadcaster Professor Jim Al-Khalili, titled A Brief History of Light: what the medieval world knew about optics. Al-Khalili also presented the awards for the Spot-on Micro Image competition.

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