IOP Scotland Fellows receive awards

1 February 2016

The IOP Nations and Branches Prize was awarded to John Higinbotham by IOP chief executive, Paul Hardaker, at the Thirteen Seniors’ Lunchtime Rendezvous.

IOP Scotland Fellows receive awards

The prize is in recognition of his voluntary contributions to IOP Scotland and is given each year to one or more members from any of the Nations or Branches who have made exceptional contributions to the activities within that Nation or Branch which enhances the promotion of physics.

John is a long serving and active member of IOP Scotland and was chair of the Scottish branch of the Institute of Physics (IOP) from 1987 to 1989. He has also served on an IOP committee for nine years and has been a member of the Fellowship Panel of the IOP since 2003. John set up the seniors group of the IOPS and has been running events since 2003.  Up to May 2015, these all day events have involved 60 lectures and 14 visits. John does a great job of running these events across Scotland - in Edinburgh, Glasgow and Aberdeen with excellent attendance at all events.

James Hough received the Phillips award at the same event. The Phillips Award was established in 2011 to recognise individuals who have given distinguished service to the Institute of Physics.

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