A Nation With Ambition reponse

21 September 2017

The Institute of Physics (IOP) has responded to the Scottish Government’s “A nation with ambition: the Government's Programme for Scotland 2017-2018”

Alison McLure, National Officer for Scotland said:

“The strong focus on science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) and STEM skills in the Programme for Government is very welcome.  STEM is central to the Scottish economy, with physics-based businesses alone contributing £15bn in Gross Value Added and supporting the jobs of more than half a million people. But there remain critical skills shortages in many STEM-based sectors, and groups that are significantly underrepresented at all levels of STEM education, training and employment.

One of the central goals of the IOP is to address the problem of underrepresented groups in physics and STEM.  As part of this work, we operate the Improving Gender Balance (IGB) project in partnership with Skills Development Scotland and Education Scotland. The project works to establish school interventions, such as long term mentoring, that challenge gender stereotypes in STEM subject areas. We welcome commitment in the Programme to embed the results of the IGB project and look forward to working with the government to take this forward.”


For more information on Improving Gender Balance Scotland, contact Alison McLure, National Officer (Scotland).

E-mail: alison.mclure@iop.org 

Mobile: 0791 785 5940



The Institute of Physics in Scotland is a scientific membership society devoted to promoting physics and bringing physicists together for the benefit of all.

We have over 2500 members and are part of the Institute of Physics, a charitable organisation and leading scientific society.

The Institute of Physics in Scotland aims to promote the role of physics in education, health, the environment, technology, and scientific literacy. Our membership is wide-ranging and multidisciplinary, including the educational, industrial, medical, and general public sectors. We seek common purpose with other organisations to promote science and science-based learning and to influence science policy. Special emphasis is placed on supporting physics teachers by promoting in our schools the value, joy and benefits of a knowledge of physics and its applications.

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