Perimeter Institute Canada tours Scotland giving professional learning workshops to teachers

8 April 2019

Greg Dick, Director of Outreach at the Perimeter Institute in Canada and Physics teacher, Laura Pankratz, visited Scotland at the beginning of March.

Perimter tour

On Wednesday 6 March Greg and Laura met up with Stuart Farmer, The Institute of Physics Scotland (IOPS) Scottish Education Manager, and Gregor Steele of Scottish Schools Education Research Centre (SSERC) in Dunfermline to find out about some of the support available to physics teachers in Scotland.

At Carnoustie High School they delivered their first workshop on the physics and science behind climate change. The workshop included some simple experiments looking at the effects of melting sea ice and glaciers, albedo and radiation, sea level expansion and specific heat capacity, as well as data analysis and graph activities, all of which can be easily incorporated into the Scottish curriculum.

They repeated the workshop at the Elgin Academy for another group of teachers from across the north. 

On 8 March they attended the Association for Science Education Scotland Annual Conference in Glasgow in order to present two different workshops on wave-particle duality and physics in the news, including the discovery of gravitational waves and the event horizon telescope. 

They presented two further workshops on climate change – one at Wellington School in Ayr and one at SSERC. 

All of the workshop sessions were well received by the teachers attending. 

Thanks are due to Andrew Bailey, Pete Kelly, Allan Reid, Andy McPhee, Drew Burrett, Gregor Steele and Gordon Doig for helping to host the tour. 

It is intended that further Perimeter Institute inspired workshops, including on climate change, will be delivered through the IOP Teacher Network and at events like the joint IOPS/SSERC Physics Teacher Summer School in the future.

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